The Vision

My vision is a world where we each apply our talents, skills and abilities to work that allows us to learn and grow, to contribute to making the world a better place and to achieve personal satisfaction. The ideal is for each person to have work you love, that sustains you and enables you to have a fulfilled, balanced life.

As a coach, my strengths are:
1) the ability to transform something strong into something superb
2) an abundance of positive energy and enthusiasm
3) empathy allowing me to feel your unspoken words
4) connectedness which allows me to build bridges across different cultures and
5) the ability to create deep relationships through trust and risk.

While my vision is all inclusive, I especially want this ideal for people of color because we face unique challenges as we pursue our dream work. My vision allows true freedom of choice careers. My work is dedicated to making this vision a reality for those who come to me for coaching.

"You have brought more enjoyment and pleasure into my life. People respond to the aura I project. You have helped me to realize I am the #1 priority in my life and that change is good for the soul."
Bank Officer, First National Bank of Chester County

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